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Find websites that accept guest posts and read their guidelines. Create a topic/topics relevant to your chosen websites. Write a guest post pitch and send it to those websites. Start writing your guest post while waiting for their approval. Remember to link to a relevant article on your website. Add images and other visual elements to your article. Send your draft if accepted or send your pitch to other websites. Make edits if asked and send final version to the editor. This is just to give you an idea of the steps involved in guest posting. Your job is to match the right article with the right website. In some cases, you may have written the guest post before pitching it. Some websites even ask you to send a draft right away. Be prepared that it can easily take a couple of months from start to finish, especially when dealing with authoritative websites. Not all websites will respond to your pitch and many of them will decline it. Thats why you should be flexible and pitch multiple websites from the get-go. Link building partnerships with other bloggers are an effective way to complement your backlink profile.
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If the latter is true no targeted traffic, will getting a backlink from this directory still benefit you from an SEO viewpoint followed link? If placement in a directory brings in neither targeted traffic nor SEO benefits, pursuing it might not be worthwhile. Get Local Mentions. Mentions that are included in local listings and publications regional e-zines, local industry bulletins, city news websites, Yelp listings, TripAdvisor, etc can increase your visibility in the geographic areas where you want to garner sales or make your brand known. This is a huge boon for anyone doing local SEO. It can work even better if your activity is local or you run a physical store. Adam Egarr, SEO specialist for Collingwood Batchellor, can attest to this.: Because we have physical stores and our customers usually pop in before buying, our link building strategy focuses around acquiring local mentions.
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Our link building agency regularly evaluates the quality of your referring domains to secure backlinks from high-authority sites. From your keyword strategy and content marketing tactics to content promotion and backlink strategies, we ensure all aspects of your link building package are centered on smart goals. Our link building specialists set your objectives, develop your assets, research your link targets and launch link building campaigns. We map your campaigns to maximize the best link building opportunities and strategies. Our link building experts ensure all our SEO link building packages meet your quality standards.
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But if a website is technically sound, serves highly relevant content to search queries, is mobile friendly, and then on top of this accumulates a ton of links, thats when the power of link building really counts. There is a clear-cut difference between acquiring a backlink from a manual placement of a text link and having someone link to you externally through on merit. The former best describes traditional link building whereas the latter relates to link earning, a process that Google encourages the application and distribution of exceptional content. Excessive use of link building can only take you so far and rankings may plateau after time, although in contrast, link earning is symptomatic of a well-drilled content strategy and has potential to increase keyword visibility tenfold. Identifying and classifying link building tactics. The hierarchy of link acquisition tactics can be seen in The Periodic Table of Link Acquisition, a visual guide from Indago Digital. This educational tool for SEO categorizes the methods commonly used to generate backlinks based on their long-term value and approach.
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We continually focus on developing a natural backlink profile for your brand, which is why we analyse a campaign through detailed reporting - and we offer full transparency on our approach. Our Link Building Process. Our SEO link building services are expertly delivered by a team of talented content marketing and PR specialists, who aim to provide your brand with exceptional coverage, quality backlinks and organic referrals to your website. We will discuss your requirements, including niche, SEO metrics, content word count and link building campaign volume. Our team then selects the highest quality sites from our established relationships along with conducting fresh manual outreach to new websites. Websites would then be shown to the client at this stage if pre-approval is required. Our talented Content Team will develop original, unique content, which you can approve. If required, the team is more than happy to make amendments to your pieces. Finally, we send the content to the publishing sites and publish the link placements on your behalf. Your dedicated account manager then shares the link building report with you. We are a talented digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO with offices in London and Cheltenham.
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For this traditional PR technique, news thats non-promotional and interesting to many people works best. Create videos, podcasts, and other shareable objects: What topics could you turn into engaging videos or audio podcasts? Videos attract viewers, whether embedded on your website or uploaded to a video-sharing site such as YouTube. Podcasts can also increase audience interest. Infographics, images and other multimedia elements you create can become popular, talked-about and shared on the web. Exciting, rich media content helps make people aware of your brand and result in short- and long-term links to your website. See Step 11 for tips on optimizing multimedia content. Be patient, be awesome: Focus your efforts on creating great content, optimizing it for SEO, and building relationships with your target communities online. Backlinks will follow in time. For more ideas on how to get backlinks, get our e-book The New Link Building Manifesto. How NOT to Get Backlinks. Webmasters should steer clear of these tactics for obtaining backlinks.: Sending mass email requests. Participating in link farms. Purchasing links although paid links identified clearly as ads and nofollowed are fine. Having links from irrelevant or disreputable websites.
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On the upward end, we have worked with link building service budgets of up to $100K per month with a team that knows what it means to build links at scale. But the scale of links your site may need will differ depending on its age and existing backlink profile. How Many Links Should I Build to My Website? The total number of links required to rank in Google or any of the other search engines will be different depending on the existing authority of the website, the nature and competitiveness of the term s you are targeting and the authority of the links you are using. All of these factors play a critical role, but they will be different for each website and landing page you want to rank. In addition, not all links are created equal, so focusing on the total number and quantity of acquired backlinks may not be the right strategy. For instance a link from the New York Times will hold much more weight from an some obscure blogger that is offering paid post inclusion.
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These comprehensive guides will show you why, when, and how you should execute each link building technique to get the results you need to grow your business. Link Building Guide: How to Acquire Earn Links That Boost Your SEO. These guides will teach you effective link building strategies and how to do them right. Some subjects covered include.: What to do before link building: How to make sure your website is in top shape before you move on to getting links from other sites. Broken link building and link reclamation: Find and reclaim lost and broken links to your site, or find unlinked mentions and generate new inbound links. Social engineering for link building: How to use controversy, ego bait, and helping others to attract links. Data-driven link building: How to use information and research to drive quality backlinks. Creating link-worthy content: Using visual, interactive, and engaging content to earn links. What linking tactics to avoid: What bad links can get you penalized by Google, and what link tactics are dangerous or ineffective. These ebooks are all about earning high quality links with a fully integrated marketing strategy.

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