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Backlink Audit Link Penalty Removal Service.
By using our backlink audit service, you will know exactly where all of your links are coming from and whether these links are still indexed or have been removed from the primary index by Google. If you are coming from a horrendous experience from a previous agency, which probably caused your ranking to drop, then our backlink audit will save your day!
Our Backlink Audit Cleanup Process: Step by Step - Web 2.0 Ranker.
Too many spammy, unrelated and/or irrelevant links can drag your site down the rankings - its crucial to consistently evaluate your backlink graph. You must understand how to audit backlinks, what to look for and how to clean up bad links.
How to Conduct a Backlink Audit in 45 Minutes.
If you want to maximize your time, you can start with the next tool while SEmrush is doing its thing. I briefly mentioned Majestic in the introduction, when I suggested checking out your competitors. Theres a reason I picked Majestic. It provides a ton of information. And its free. Majestic is basically a link index database a big one that displays several different handy metrics when you enter a link into the software. Head over to and enter your site URL into the search bar.: You can choose from either a fresh index or a historic index. The fresh index contains information from the last 90 days. I like using the historic index since it gives you the most results, but it does require their Pro plan, so go with the Fresh index. On the results page, youll see the number of external backlinks, referring domains, a backlink breakdown chart, anchor text, and tons of other useful data. They have a free plan, so I suggest starting out with that. If you decide to upgrade, you can get access to several helpful features that I consider vital when doing a backlink audit.
A Simple Guide on How To Conduct Backlink Analysis.
You can also access the sections on the left sidebar to explore each backlink feature more in-depth. Ahrefs is a paid tool with pricing starting at $82/month and up to $832/month for agency-level capabilities. You can also take advantage of their free trial for seven days at $7. SEMrush SEMrush is another top SEO tool with a backlink tracker available to subscribers. You can easily compare your report to three competitors at a time and use the graphs for a visual understanding of the data. To get a peek into how it works, SEMrush allows free users to make 10 requests a day. While you will only get a limited view of the feature, you can get an idea of how the dashboard functions. For full access, you must obtain a subscription. Pricing starts at $99/month and goes up to $449. Moz is one of the top backlink tools in the market. The dashboard makes quick downloads easily accessible to focus on key areas of interest. The Spam" Score" feature provides some insight into which links may be damaging your SEO efforts and how to reduce them.
Backlink Audit Services - Project Backlinks.
It is only by using the best backlink audit service you will be able to identify the toxic and spammy backlinks that you would want to disown on the earliest without going through the hassle. It will also save you valuable time, and you can be assured that your websites SEO backlink audit is being performed as per Google policies.
How to Do a Backlink Audit in 5 Simple Steps.
However, if you are running a big reputable website with an abundance of referring domains, the process can take ages. In this article, I will tell you how to do the job in less than an hour using Semrush Backlink Audit and Backlink Analytics tools. Combining our new backlink database with integrations from Google and Majestic and our toxic link evaluation 40 toxicity markers you can improve your backlink portfolio in these 5 easy steps.
How to Do a Backlink Audit for SEO in 5 Easy Steps NH SEO.
1 link on 10 sites is better than 10 links on 1 site. How to Do a Backlink Audit. If you choose to manually conduct your backlink audit, be prepared to spend hours upon hours visiting each link to weigh out the value of each link.
How To Do A Link Audit Of ANY Website For Free - Backlink Audit Guide. How To Do A Link Audit Of ANY Website For Free - Backlink Audit Guide.
7.2 What To Look For. The Speed of Backlink Acquisition Link Velocity. 8.1 What To Look For. Number Of Referring Domains. 9.1 What To Look For.: Quality Of Referring Domains. 10.1 What To Look For. Types of Backlinks. 11.1 How Are These Links Being Served? 11.2 What To Look For. Anchor Text Profile. 12.1 What To Look For. Looking For Obvious Signs Of Spam/Malicious Elements. A Quick Look Through Referring IPs. 16 Before We Conclude - Second Opinion From SEMrush.: 17 Link Audit, When Done Right, MAKES You Money!

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